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VCC - Your adviser in the buying process

Security in real estate trading is important!

A lot of money is at stake and it is important to carry out the right processes and choices. With long experience as real estate agents, we know that buying and selling a house is a thing that many people finds hard. They do it seldom, and know too little about it. Buying a property in Spain is not something you do every day. Statements and concepts can be difficult to understand. In addition, the rules in Spain are different from the rules in other counties, and the language incomprehensible.

Contact us for a non-binding conversation - and we will help you find your dream home in Spain safely!

Our delivery

We will start with a meeting, where we determine which area you want to buy your new property. We’ll also talk about what your price-estimates are.  Based on the information we receive, we work with you to a suitable area with reasonable price based on your information.

Then we’ll scan the market for what you are looking for, and find some properties we think will fit. Finally, you can go down (come to Spain) and look at the objects (properties) we have found. Hopefully you will be happy and buy your home. (This sentences doesn’t sound good to me anyway)

The properties we’ll present to (offer) you will be previously reviewed by our partner in Spain. We check that the seller is the owner, and that the bank does not have more mortgages in the property than what you pay. We will present a sales document showing price and purchase costs (%), costs for operating the property, and what costs you can expect in the first few years.

Our knowledge will give you a picture of what you have to (should really) pay for the property, and we'll help you in the negotiations to find the right price.

Our collaborative broker will be present when you, attorneys and public notaries complete the acquisition / settlement of the property (equivalent to the registration of the property).

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